OneLov believes that by positively encouraging and inspiring children with art that are currently without it, we will empower young lives with confidence, improving their chances and outlook of the future, and increase their scholastic performance.

OneLov was founded due to budget cuts illuminating art programs from our schools.  We believe that passionate volunteers can encourage kids to positively dream bigger as artists that leads to a successful future.  We all have a special gift, an art, that can be an incredible inspiration to a child and ourselves.

OneLov cares about our selfless volunteers like the children we are dedicated to positively impact their lives.  By helping one another express the artist within, we believe that the world will be a better place with OneLov.



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Kids Art

What's your unique gift-art you'd like to share with the kids?

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Creative Donations!

After an SEO campaign of, we have recently received art donations from some caring donors! They've given different size pieces of canvas, colorful stamps, paint, and various, colored leather...