SDB1 for the Arts dba OneLov, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that believes by positively encouraging and inspiring children with art that are currently without it, we will empower young lives with confidence, improving their chances and outlook of the future, and increase their scholastic performance.

OneLov was founded due to budget cuts illuminating art programs from our schools.  We believe that passionate volunteers can encourage kids to positively dream bigger as artists that leads to a successful future.  We all have a special gift, an art, that can be an incredible inspiration to a child and ourselves.

We all have a unique gift/art that’s inspired us and our goal through OneLov is to help volunteers share that special gift to inspire kids with.

Film Class

Producer and Director, Campbell Brewer teaches the first OneLov Film Workshop with the teens in Mar Vista Gardens.  I’m always astonished…

Picasso Class

Betty Green is at it again!  She’s planning to teach a couple more art classes in September!

The LA Mission Back to School Block Party this year was a blessed experience


Sure, I’d like to volunteer!

  • What inspires you?
  • Create a 4-6 week workshop based on your art/inspiration.
  • Are you free for an hour once or twice a week?
  • What age children or teens would you like to work with (elementary, middle, or high school)?
  • Next, we’ll find a volunteer to help you teach your art workshop.
  • OneLov will provide the art supplies and arrange the workshop.
  • And finally, you’ll meet the kids, inspire them, and be inspired in a miraculous way giving back!

Sure, I’d like to volunteer!


We lov giving out Art Supplies to children that are without them.  Help us do it!  A $10 donation will purchase a box of markers and crayons.  A $20 donation will purchase markers, crayons, colored pencils, and sharpeners.  A $30 donation and we can add some paper:)  Any amount will help us share, Thanks!!

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Kid's Art!

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The Vets love art from the kids!